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INFORMATION for Tempus Project partners on visa issuance procedure


for Tempus Project partners on visa issuance procedure


This section describes the procedure of obtaining a Kazakh visa by EU partners involved in Tempus projects implemented in Kazakhstan. 

According to the “Visa Issuance Rules in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (hereinafter - the Rules, have been enacted on March 1, 2010) foreign nationals travelling to the Republic of Kazakhstan for business purposes (participation in conferences, symposia, fora, exhibitions, concerts, cultural, scientific, sporting and other events; scholars visiting for a short-term lecture trip, to teach classes at higher educational institutions; etc.) need to obtain business visas.

To obtain Kazakh visa two procedures are operational.

I. Сitizens of 48 countries (see the List of those countries here) can be issued with single entry visa (for the period not more than 30 days) on the basis of written applications submitted to the Diplomatic/Consulate Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of residence. No invitation letter is required.        

To secure Business visa, citizens of countries indicated in the aforementioned List of countries, should contact the Kazakh diplomatic mission/consulate in the country of residence and submit:

- Valid passport (or international travel document). The passport should expire not earlier than 3 months upon expiry of the respective visa

- Written application and completed visa questionnaire (the questionnaire is available here)

- One photo 3.5 х 4.5

- Proof of consular fee paid.

The consul reserves the right to request other documents. More information is available at

In unpredictable cases, one entry visa can be received at the airports of Astana and Almaty. But in this case special note to the Consular Department in Russian (if not possible in English) should be drafted, explaining all possible reasons. If you need the example of the special note, please contact National Tempus office in Kazakhstan.

For the citizens of the countries not indicated in the List visa support letter by the Department of Consular Service of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. For the detailed information, please, consult the web-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs –     


II. Every individual intending to receive multiple entry visa has to receive an official invitation. Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan can facilitate this process.

The required documents are sent by the applicant to the National Tempus Office in Kazakhstan, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please send: the Information required for the issue of invitation letter to Kazakhstan (please, find it here); copy of passport (good quality) and the explanatory note with all information on visit (title of the project, dates and title of the meetings, quantity, etc.).

Having received this information, the NTO will make an application to the European Delegation for the issue of the visa.

Upon the receipt of the documents the Delegation prepares a “Note Verbale” with a visa request and submits it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for consideration. The Note Verbale is registered by the MFA and, within one week, sent directly by the Ministry to the relevant Kazakh Embassy. Please note that it takes at least 12 working days from lodging the application to issuing the visa in the Embassies/Consulates of Kazakhstan in EU.  

The invited person should then present a copy of the same invitation letter received from the EU Delegation when applying at the Kazakh Embassy for a visa. The Embassy can issue this only some days later (exact timing depends on the country and the duration of visa).


Visa-Free Regime

From 15 July 2014 to 15 July 2015 Kazakhstan sets visa-free regime for the citizens of the United States, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the UAE, South Korea and Japan. During this period the citizens of these 10 countries may enter Kazakhstan using their valid diplomatic, official and national passports without a visa for up to 15 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border.

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